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Save costs with document output management!

Edmond Document Solutions offers a wide range of document optimization, document re-engineering and document repurposing tools, created with dedication, innovativeness and 20 years of expertise.

Read more about our intelligent document management options from our solutions page.

  • Edmond joins the Objetif Lune family
  • This picture includes quotes from Ben Boelee, director of Robedrijf services. It shows the great document output solutions Edmond implemented for the City of Rotterdam.
  • digital signatures, digital signature, signing PDF,
  • Efficient print management with Eddoc Print Managemement Tool.
  • Output management solutions for a whole document life cycle!

EDDOC WEAVER | output management

EDDOC XTRA | transform XML into documents

EDDOC CLASSIFIER | classification of documents

News flash – Edmond featured in Document World Magazine: 'The invoicing process' of June 2013

NIJMEGEN -3rd of July 2013- Edmond Document Solutions’ Sales & Marketing Manager Rudy Stueck was interviewed in the Dutch DocumentWereld Magazine: 'Het Factuurproces' of June 2013. As a...

News Flash - Dutch United Insurance Companies get complex output under control

NIJMEGEN -18th of June 2013 - The Verenigde Assurantiebedrijven Nederland N.V. (VAN) is a united insurance company consisting of seven Dutch insurance labels. VAN uses Eddoc Weaver from Edmond...

Easy hybrid mail with Edmond Print Management Tool (PMT) and Satellites

NIJMEGEN - 22nd of May 2013 – With the introduction of PMT (Print Management tool) and PMT Satellite, Edmond Document Solutions, developer of the Eddoc Weaver Output Management suite, adds a new...